New Year – New Goals

It’s been a while … but then again, what better time to make new goals, new resolutions – including actually keeping a blog updated?

I’m not big on resolutions … but I am on goals – the difference to me being a resolution is more of a statement without anything behind it – a goal is an end point, with lots of little goals and a plan to make it to the end bigger goal.

I have a few, which I can hopefully break down.

Goal 1 – to finally get to my end goal weight, I’ve been talking about it for two years – the good thing is, I’ve kept to my top (WW) goal range for two years, but to run better, and to be just a little bit healthier … I need to lose that last 5kg (or 7kg, or 3kg … it fluctuates ;)).

  • Three Meals a day, and if I’m really hungry and need something inbetween – make it fruit – or a protein drink (depending on where my training is at).
  • No eating after dinner.
  • Weighing once a month … no more obsessive (more than) once a day weighing.
  • Try to consciously up the protein and lower the “bad” carbs.

Goal 2 – To be more organised – housewise, planning, Stampin’ classes/workshops, training

  • Tidy/pick-up every morning – even if it is only 10 minutes!
  • Less wasting time on the computer.
  • Run before breakfast wherever possible.
  • Aim for 1hr a day spent on stamping – whether getting ready for classes/workshops or my own scrapbooking/cardmaking.

Goal 3 – Stay injury free

  • Stick to cross-training (wisely).
  • Stick with physio/strengthening exercises.
  • Listen to body!!

Goal 4 – Pay off Debt

  • Wherever we can, start hammering at our debt … this one is kind of reliant on Husband earning the money – but no excuses, less spending, more paying off stuff!

… and be a good blogger – I want to keep track of my crafting finishes, what I’m reading, and general family stuff – what better place to do it than here?