Rainy Days

So what do you do on a rainy Sunday afternoon?  Why, the promised scrapbooking with your daughters.  I have to admit that although I love that they want to do this sort of thing with me, and I am well aware that in a few years they might not … it would be easier just to do one page on my own 😉

One rainy afternoon, one sketch (from here) = the resulting three scrapbooking pages –

This is my one  (Josh when he was about 3.5yo – he was soooo cute back then!).







Charlotte’s page (for her little 8×8 scrapbook)







and Rhiannon’s one – we need to print out the pictures to finish it off – they are from her trip to Kapiti Island earlier on in the year.






All in all, a pretty good days work 😉 One of my missions this year is to do more scrapbooking, and trying to keep up with the sketch each week, is a good way to start.  The goal also includes using up lots of the papers and other “way too much stuff” I have!