Birth Dates and Numbers

Redhead Running ( made me think of this – and because I couldn’t think of anything else to write, and I’m trying to keep up with my posting – I figured I’d let out some absolutely useless information, and just prove how nutty we really are around here 😉

Soooooo … none of our children were born on the same day, however …

Son No. 1 = 30th
Son No. 2 = 10th
Son No. 3 = 20th
Daughter No. 1 = 11th
Daughter No. 2 = 19th

Get the pattern? Number nerd like me? 30, then 10+20=30, then 11+19=30 🙂

Oh, and, just a wee pattern in their names –

David = 5 letters
Joshua = 6 letters
Cameron = 7 letters
Rhiannon = 8 letters
Charlotte = 9 letters

The first four were pure accident, when I was pregnant with Charlotte we only looked at 9 letter names to keep the trend going.

I’ve always said that if I got pregnant again we’d have twins and give them a five letter name each, David (husband) usually replies, that is fine but he’s not sure where I’ll find a father for them – Ha ha ha!

… and after that useless information, it is time I left for my 18km run!


Saturday Morning

7:30am – Out of bed, in the shower.

7.40am – Out of shower, looking for clothes – ahhhh nice pink T shirt, ahhhh still slightly wet – can no other member of the family use the drier?

7.45am – load of clothes in the drier

7.50am – Wake up Miss 9yo, she has to be at netball by 8.30am for 9.00am game.

7.51am – Find that she didn’t get her netball clothes ready the night before as I’d asked her about 3x to do.

7.52am – Start looking for netball skirt.

8.00am – Finally find netball skirt (under jacket in bedroom, don’t ask!).

8.00am – Finally get Charlotte out of bed, and getting dressed.

8.02am – Realise there is no milk for my porridge or cup of tea (like the netball clothes, could nobody else think we might need milk for the morning?)

8.03am – Off to the corner shop to get milk.

8.05am – Make porridge, realise there are no teabags (yes, grocery shopping will happen later!).

8.07am – Bread in toaster for Charlotte, tell husband that HE can take her down for the warm up.

8.10am – Reminder to Charlotte she has 10min to finish eating and get her hair done.

8.15am – Another reminder.

8.18am – Finish off Charlotte’s hair.

8.20am – They are out the door … *phew*

Little facts? Charlotte doesn’t do mornings – on a school morning I don’t wake her until 8.10am to get to school by 8.55am.  To be at the netball courts (about 5min walk down the road) by 8.30am on a Saturday morning is always going to be hard work.

I work on a Friday night, and no matter how well I think I’ve organised everyone, things always get forgotten, or just not thought about.

I love a quiet, enjoy my breakfast, time in the morning and get grumpy when it doesn’t happen!