110km … up and down … repeat 3 times

The details – if you’re interested 😉

The things I do for fun!  Later last year (obviously when I wasn’t blogging!) I bought a road bike … earlier on in the year after the London Marathon I got to thinking about my next challenge and couldn’t decide between the Auckland Marathon and the Taupo Challenge (160km cycle around Lake Taupo) – and got to thinking, well, why not both?  The Cycle Challenge was just four weeks after the marathon which meant training for both at the same time … but both were endurance so I decided that wouldn’t be a problem.  Anyway, I did indeed do both (Auckland wasn’t the best – 4:44 with lots of walking, Taupo was windy and a bit slow – but a great achievement – especially doing both!).

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the cycling and plan to keep doing it, definitely plan to train for Taupo “properly” this year.  Next race I want to do is around Mt Taranaki (150km) on the 28th of January (probably won’t know until the 20th whether finances are going to allow it!), so I’ve been kind of training for that while I get my running up and going again (long story – lots of injuries, a break to strengthen the body etc).

So Tuesday’s cycle ride was a long training ride – probably the longest I’ll do before the 28th.  This is a great training block, big, steep hills and well, a block, which is always preferable (to me anyway) than an out and back, or loops here and there.  I’m still not the fastest cyclist around (need to work on that) but I’m pretty strong, I make it up all the hills … I’m a wuss going down and hang on to the brakes for dear life, need to do some training DOWN hills, rather than up 😉

This was a great bike ride though – its still holidays here so there was no rush to get home for anything (husband is still off work), it was a nice summer day, but a southerly so not too hot, traffic wasn’t too bad.  I added the Blue Mountain part to the normal “block”, and biking through Whitemans Valley was just bliss, slightly downhill, no cars, sun shining, lovely quiet farmland … just wonderful!  There are times like that that I wonder why I took so long to get off the couch and getting active and realise what I was missing out on 🙂

Today I’m planning on a shorter, faster ride – with a mile run straight after, I’m doing a couple of fun duathalons in the next couple of months and need to practice the getting off the bike and running thing.  I also insanely signed up to running a mile a day in 2012 – I already didn’t run on Tuesday (didn’t know about it then and I did the big bike ride), but I’ll just ignore that little detail!  But today’s mile will work in nicely with the bike ride.

In keeping with this being an “everything” blog – I’ll be back later with a photo of the card I made yesterday for a good friend’s 50th Birthday 🙂