Room, Separate Beds, Sisters

Now, that makes for a funny title!  It’s actually three books, yes, I’ve read three books since I last did a review … obviously been reading more than I have been blogging!

Room – Emily Donaghue
The story of a mother, her son, a locked room and the outside world

Wow … this has got to be one of the best books I’ve read for a while.  The narrative is from the little boy’s point of view, it really makes you think about the world we live in.  I don’t want to say to much and give away too much – but if I recommend any book to have as number 1 on your reading list, this would be it. 

I call it a “lingering” book, it lingered within me for days after I’d read it.  Fantastic.

Separate Beds – Elizabeth Buchan
Annie and Tom’s marriage is in mid-life crisis. They seem to have everything – a lovely home, rewarding jobs and three healthy grown-up children – but, beneath the surface, all is not well. Beneath the surface lies a secret guilt which ensures that whilst they live under the same roof, they sleep in separate beds.

This was definitely one of my typical, fill in time, have to be reading something books.  However, some of it did get inside and mess with my head a bit.  A lot of it was very close to home, no we don’t have separate beds – but middle age (*gulp* – really, I’m not sure I want to admit to that!), husband in kind of job crisis mode, while wife quite happily getting on with her’s, yeah, just a bit too close to home! It was an okay book, not a huge got to turn the page to see what happens next – but a pleasant (and for me a bit thought provoking) read.

Sister – Rosamund Lupton
What would you do if your sister disappeared without a trace? This is an emotionally fraught and at some times terrifying story about two sisters and the strength that binds them.

Another great book! Just a month or so ago I was getting rather sick of the same old, same old story lines and books out there.  I love to read, and tend to read pretty light books – poor brain just can’t handle absorbing much more.  So its been great to have picked up two good books in the last couple of weeks (this and Room).  This had lots of twists and turns and was definitely a wanting to read just a little bit more before I put it down kind of book!  I’ve got five sisters, so I understand the closeness and differences, and could relate to the relationship of these two sisters.  This was more of a mystery/thriller than I’d expected when I picked it up – thoroughly enjoyed it and was sad to finish it!


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