Paula Radcliff and Me

First of all … phewwwwwww … this week has been busy! I worked extra hours on Monday, during the day, went out to dinner with a friend that night and feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since!

On Friday I got the first of my five FREE issues of Runners World in the mail (I won the subscription as a spot prize at Wellington a few weeks ago – great prize!), timely that it came on Friday, because one of my favourite things each month is to pop out of the office while doing my Friday evening shift and go over to Borders, get a nice hot chocolate and the latest Runners magazine and then go back and have my break and enjoy both … so it was a very nice surprise to have it fall in my letterbox just before I left for work (and probably good for the calorie count as I didn’t feel the need to go out and get the hot chocolate;)).

So me and Paula Radcliff? Well obviously she is my soulmate – not just because she is an amazing marathon runner and therefore a huge inspiration … but also because mentally we’re obviously on the same page 😉 … there is an article in the latest magazine from her about the mental side of running and wow! She counts, like me! She said she knew when she counted to 100 3x that she should have run about a mile (something like that, I’m paraphrasing) … when I am tired, or bored, or struggling, I count to 100 3x … only difference is that covers a km for me, not a mile (1.6km) – ha ha .. funny that!  AND the biggest thing, I’ve described to people before about that magic feeling where you walk out and just “know” that it is going to be a good day, I had that amazing feeling when I won my gold medal at Oceania (shooting, not running) and I had it before I ran the Rotorua marathon – you just can’t describe it, but if you could bottle it, it would be worth millions.  Paula Radcliffe had a wee bit in there about a race back in (2004, I think – I haven’t got the magazine in front of me) about how she just knew she was going to win that day, that she just felt it – I know exactly what she is talking about.

With that – I’m off to bike 20km … and dream about that amazing “spiritual” feeling that just seems to come, I wish I could work out how to turn it on whenever I wanted it!


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