Wind, Rain, Hail, Tornados …

Wild Weather


It has been wild here, I’m positive that growing up, tornados only happened to people like Dorothy – in lands far far away … definitely not in little New Zealand, and definitely not a few minutes away!  I suppose, just like earthquakes always happened, and we always felt them … but that “big one” everyone talked about was just folklore, but gosh reality by way of what must be a very angry Mother Nature has sure hit us this year.

Sunday morning (after Saturday afternoon/evening’s stormy weather) I lay listening to the wind and rain and decided that I was better to skip my long (40km) bike ride and short (5km) run outside and hit the gym for a spin class and 5km on the treadmill, which I did – but with the promise to myself that I’d do the 40k bike ride on Tuesday (instead of the usual spin class).

S0, yesterday, being Tuesday … I sure did go out and do it.  When I left it wasn’t so bad and I was congratulating myself for swapping days … I did two loops of 20km, first 20km wasn’t so bad, was definitely way too windy, but manageable … second 20km, the storm started picking up again, it got windier, and windier, and windier and a few minutes from home the rain and hail hit again – just enough to make me wet.

I sat at home and had lunch watching the weather get worse, the wind get windier … and knowing that I had to go out on my bike to do my delivering no matter what the weather (I’d worked at my “real” job the day before, so had two days worth to get done!).  By the time I left, the rain had stopped but the wind hadn’t.  It was wild, but not so bad … until about 3pm when the heavens opened, again.  Lasted about 10min, enough to well and truly wet me, and then the sun came out again.  Still windy, and at times I nearly got blown off, and biking home I wondered if I should just get off and walk, because there were times I was hardly moving! But done!

So yesterday = I covered about 70km, 5hrs on the bike … in the windy storm weather that is our reality right now – gosh when I finally get my road bike, and the weather gets better … it will be easy peasy to bike 160km, right?




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