Week 2/18 Auckland Training + Week 2/22 Taupo Training

Saturday, 3 July 2011

Rest Day – Rest day was a crazy busy day with the kids’ sports! But then again, that is why I switched my days around – to allow for that.

Sunday, 4 July 2011

5km – Easy: Another easy 5km, took it a bit easier than the week before, because, well – its supposed to be an easy run.  Had a reflective moment thinking about how hard 5km was to run a couple of years ago, and how it feels pretty comfortable now.
29:41 (5:51/km)

30km LSD Biking: 10km further than last week – the programme I am using is a beginner’s programme, which is based on 15 weeks, and builds up from 20km to 120km, at 10km each week.  I’ve got 22 weeks, so I’ve got a few extra weeks to take the intensity off, or to fit in running races, or long runs.  Hopefully it will work!  30km today was pretty good going, tried to ride at a comfortable pace, and it seemed to work.
1:30:49 (20.3km/hour)

Monday, 5 July 2011

11km Speed Intervals:  Physio tomorrow, so made sure I did the Mon/Tues run today.  Really didn’t feel like doing it at all – but forced myself out.  Managed two quite good km at “speed” pace, then did the third km faster, but not quite at “speed”.  Pretty happy with the overall workout, always feels good to have it done!
1:00:37 (Km 4 = 5:04/km, Km 6 = 5:05/km, Km 8 = 5:14/km, overall 5:40/km)

Spin Class: Should be my Tuesday work-out, but it wasn’t going to work on Tuesday, so I did it Monday night instead.

Tuesday, 6 July 2011

Physio Appointment:  Still working on the hamstring/glute issue – some more exercises to do, talked about making the glute work harder rather than the hamstring doing the work – so more glute exercises as well.  For now he reckons I don’t need to completely (no running) rest it – but “active” rest would be good (less running, easier running).  We’ll see 😉

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Personal Trainer session – hard work this morning, came home too late after a meeting last night, and 7.00am came around to fast to get to the gym at 7.30am for the session.  Once its done I’m loving the new time – it gives me a lot more time to get things done what is always a busy day around here!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

11km – Run: No goals for today, just a run!
1:01:45 (5:42/km)

Friday, 8 July 2011

18km LSD

1:50:28 (6:09/km)

Was a bit nervous about this one – I’m still testing/pushing the body when I put two days in a row together, so a hardish run the day before and then a long one the next day, I’m always a bit nervous about how its going to react.  I took it slow and easy, tried to keep the heartrate to about 150 (went a wee bit higher, but not bad).  All went well!  and best thing – my body seems to have coped really well.

Week 2 – done!


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