The Dead Heart – Douglas Kennedy


Douglas Kennedy is one of my favourite authors – he has written some fantastic books! I found this one when I was ordering his latest one (The Moment), an older one that I had some how missed and not read yet.

‘That dumbshit map. I’d been seduced by it. Seduced by its possibilities. That map had brought me here …That map had been a serious mistake’ The map in question is of Australia, stumbled across in a second-hand bookshop by American journalist Nick Hawthorne, en route to another dead-end hack job in Akron, Ohio. Seduced by all that wilderness, all that NOTHING, Nick decides to put his midlife crisis on hold and light out to the ultimate nowheresville – where a chance encounter throws him into a sun-baked orgy of surf, sex and swill, and a nightmare from which there is no escape. ‘Douglas Kennedy might never be allowed into Australia again. This is a crazy, compulsive ultimately serious thriller and a bravura fictional debut from one of our best travel writers’ Philip Kerr

I didn’t realise until I copied the above description that this was his debut novel – interesting!

Definitely worth reading – it was a pretty smallish book, but packed with lots of excitement, one of those books that I come home from work at about 1.00am and realise I’m still reading at 1.30am and really need to get to sleep so that I’m awake and functioning for the next day.  It was a pretty simple story really, and probably made Australians look a bit like country bumpkins, but that’s okay – you’ve got to have a sense of humour, right?




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  1. ewa
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 12:03:51

    I will have to make a note of it. I will be away for several weeks this summer backpacking but I will surely check this book out when I come back. Thanks for sharing.
    BTW, are you on facebook?


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