So Sad

My physio has a new job 😦

He has worked with me since January when my knee suddenly had all sorts of pain, when I had just started my London Marathon Training Programme, and I still believe that without him, there is no way I would have got to the stage where I could run London, and not just run, but run it in a reasonable time!  I keep saying he has magic hands, he knows just where and how to work those tight, naughty, muscles … and now he’s got a new job – and quite a different job, but as he said, working with his best skills – rehabilitation work for clients who have had serious accidents and such (not whinging wanna be marathon runners like me! LOL).

He’s very nicely booked me two appointments with him next week before he goes so he can work as much magic as possible before he finishes – and then I guess I will see where I go from there.  I might change where I go altogether, I think I was lucky to land the perfect physio at the gym, they seem to come and go from there all the time, and I’m not sure they’re usually the best physios – I may change to a specialist sports one, I know of a few locally, most of them with their own businesses, so less likely that they will change as well.

Very sad though, I’m not sure anyone else will quite understand my nutty behaviour, or stubborn behaviour, quite the same.


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  1. ewa
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 11:13:41

    Found it! The comment button, I mean. I am blind. 🙂


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