Room, Separate Beds, Sisters

Now, that makes for a funny title!  It’s actually three books, yes, I’ve read three books since I last did a review … obviously been reading more than I have been blogging!

Room – Emily Donaghue
The story of a mother, her son, a locked room and the outside world

Wow … this has got to be one of the best books I’ve read for a while.  The narrative is from the little boy’s point of view, it really makes you think about the world we live in.  I don’t want to say to much and give away too much – but if I recommend any book to have as number 1 on your reading list, this would be it. 

I call it a “lingering” book, it lingered within me for days after I’d read it.  Fantastic.

Separate Beds – Elizabeth Buchan
Annie and Tom’s marriage is in mid-life crisis. They seem to have everything – a lovely home, rewarding jobs and three healthy grown-up children – but, beneath the surface, all is not well. Beneath the surface lies a secret guilt which ensures that whilst they live under the same roof, they sleep in separate beds.

This was definitely one of my typical, fill in time, have to be reading something books.  However, some of it did get inside and mess with my head a bit.  A lot of it was very close to home, no we don’t have separate beds – but middle age (*gulp* – really, I’m not sure I want to admit to that!), husband in kind of job crisis mode, while wife quite happily getting on with her’s, yeah, just a bit too close to home! It was an okay book, not a huge got to turn the page to see what happens next – but a pleasant (and for me a bit thought provoking) read.

Sister – Rosamund Lupton
What would you do if your sister disappeared without a trace? This is an emotionally fraught and at some times terrifying story about two sisters and the strength that binds them.

Another great book! Just a month or so ago I was getting rather sick of the same old, same old story lines and books out there.  I love to read, and tend to read pretty light books – poor brain just can’t handle absorbing much more.  So its been great to have picked up two good books in the last couple of weeks (this and Room).  This had lots of twists and turns and was definitely a wanting to read just a little bit more before I put it down kind of book!  I’ve got five sisters, so I understand the closeness and differences, and could relate to the relationship of these two sisters.  This was more of a mystery/thriller than I’d expected when I picked it up – thoroughly enjoyed it and was sad to finish it!


Week 3/18 Auckland Training & Week 3/22 Taupo Training

Saturday, 9  July 2011

Rest Day

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Happy Birthday to Josh, my big 17 year old (where does time go?)!

The weather was awful, with really high winds, including a tornado and hail/thunder/lightening storms the day before so after lying bed listening to it for a while I decided to hit the gym for a spin class rather than the planned LSD bike ride, and then do my 5km on the treadmill.

Spin Class: The usual, good sweat, good fun, class.

5km – Easy: On the treadmill – nothing exciting to say – I did add a bit of speed for the last couple of k because I was bored stupid, but otherwise just a nice slow, easy 5km.

Monday, 11 July 2011

11km Hills:  Up the Maungatooks, and over the top.  Still windy, and got hailed on heading back … good excelerating run though!
1:12:03 (6:29/km)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

LSD 40km Bike Ride:  To make up for missing Sunday! Windy, some rain, yucky weather … but done!
2:10:47 (Pace – 19.6/km)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Personal Trainer session – Yeah, he made things hurt again 😉

Thursday, 14 July 2011

11km – Marathon Pace: Hit the pace, and felt good – went down the river for a change of scenery, its always a bit harder to stick to the right pace off road, but I managed it, wind and all 😉
1:05:13 (5:49/km)

Friday, 15 July 2011

13km LSD: Cut back week this week – so just a “short” one, felt good running slow and easy.
1:20:32 (6:09/km)

All in all, yet another good week.  I had a fiddle with my diary and training programme today to make sure I was going to fit in the time needed for the LSD bike rides as they reach the 3-4-5hr mark, scary stuff!  One day … one week, at a time 🙂

Paula Radcliff and Me

First of all … phewwwwwww … this week has been busy! I worked extra hours on Monday, during the day, went out to dinner with a friend that night and feel like I’ve been playing catch up ever since!

On Friday I got the first of my five FREE issues of Runners World in the mail (I won the subscription as a spot prize at Wellington a few weeks ago – great prize!), timely that it came on Friday, because one of my favourite things each month is to pop out of the office while doing my Friday evening shift and go over to Borders, get a nice hot chocolate and the latest Runners magazine and then go back and have my break and enjoy both … so it was a very nice surprise to have it fall in my letterbox just before I left for work (and probably good for the calorie count as I didn’t feel the need to go out and get the hot chocolate;)).

So me and Paula Radcliff? Well obviously she is my soulmate – not just because she is an amazing marathon runner and therefore a huge inspiration … but also because mentally we’re obviously on the same page 😉 … there is an article in the latest magazine from her about the mental side of running and wow! She counts, like me! She said she knew when she counted to 100 3x that she should have run about a mile (something like that, I’m paraphrasing) … when I am tired, or bored, or struggling, I count to 100 3x … only difference is that covers a km for me, not a mile (1.6km) – ha ha .. funny that!  AND the biggest thing, I’ve described to people before about that magic feeling where you walk out and just “know” that it is going to be a good day, I had that amazing feeling when I won my gold medal at Oceania (shooting, not running) and I had it before I ran the Rotorua marathon – you just can’t describe it, but if you could bottle it, it would be worth millions.  Paula Radcliffe had a wee bit in there about a race back in (2004, I think – I haven’t got the magazine in front of me) about how she just knew she was going to win that day, that she just felt it – I know exactly what she is talking about.

With that – I’m off to bike 20km … and dream about that amazing “spiritual” feeling that just seems to come, I wish I could work out how to turn it on whenever I wanted it!

Wind, Rain, Hail, Tornados …

Wild Weather


It has been wild here, I’m positive that growing up, tornados only happened to people like Dorothy – in lands far far away … definitely not in little New Zealand, and definitely not a few minutes away!  I suppose, just like earthquakes always happened, and we always felt them … but that “big one” everyone talked about was just folklore, but gosh reality by way of what must be a very angry Mother Nature has sure hit us this year.

Sunday morning (after Saturday afternoon/evening’s stormy weather) I lay listening to the wind and rain and decided that I was better to skip my long (40km) bike ride and short (5km) run outside and hit the gym for a spin class and 5km on the treadmill, which I did – but with the promise to myself that I’d do the 40k bike ride on Tuesday (instead of the usual spin class).

S0, yesterday, being Tuesday … I sure did go out and do it.  When I left it wasn’t so bad and I was congratulating myself for swapping days … I did two loops of 20km, first 20km wasn’t so bad, was definitely way too windy, but manageable … second 20km, the storm started picking up again, it got windier, and windier, and windier and a few minutes from home the rain and hail hit again – just enough to make me wet.

I sat at home and had lunch watching the weather get worse, the wind get windier … and knowing that I had to go out on my bike to do my delivering no matter what the weather (I’d worked at my “real” job the day before, so had two days worth to get done!).  By the time I left, the rain had stopped but the wind hadn’t.  It was wild, but not so bad … until about 3pm when the heavens opened, again.  Lasted about 10min, enough to well and truly wet me, and then the sun came out again.  Still windy, and at times I nearly got blown off, and biking home I wondered if I should just get off and walk, because there were times I was hardly moving! But done!

So yesterday = I covered about 70km, 5hrs on the bike … in the windy storm weather that is our reality right now – gosh when I finally get my road bike, and the weather gets better … it will be easy peasy to bike 160km, right?



Week 2/18 Auckland Training + Week 2/22 Taupo Training

Saturday, 3 July 2011

Rest Day – Rest day was a crazy busy day with the kids’ sports! But then again, that is why I switched my days around – to allow for that.

Sunday, 4 July 2011

5km – Easy: Another easy 5km, took it a bit easier than the week before, because, well – its supposed to be an easy run.  Had a reflective moment thinking about how hard 5km was to run a couple of years ago, and how it feels pretty comfortable now.
29:41 (5:51/km)

30km LSD Biking: 10km further than last week – the programme I am using is a beginner’s programme, which is based on 15 weeks, and builds up from 20km to 120km, at 10km each week.  I’ve got 22 weeks, so I’ve got a few extra weeks to take the intensity off, or to fit in running races, or long runs.  Hopefully it will work!  30km today was pretty good going, tried to ride at a comfortable pace, and it seemed to work.
1:30:49 (20.3km/hour)

Monday, 5 July 2011

11km Speed Intervals:  Physio tomorrow, so made sure I did the Mon/Tues run today.  Really didn’t feel like doing it at all – but forced myself out.  Managed two quite good km at “speed” pace, then did the third km faster, but not quite at “speed”.  Pretty happy with the overall workout, always feels good to have it done!
1:00:37 (Km 4 = 5:04/km, Km 6 = 5:05/km, Km 8 = 5:14/km, overall 5:40/km)

Spin Class: Should be my Tuesday work-out, but it wasn’t going to work on Tuesday, so I did it Monday night instead.

Tuesday, 6 July 2011

Physio Appointment:  Still working on the hamstring/glute issue – some more exercises to do, talked about making the glute work harder rather than the hamstring doing the work – so more glute exercises as well.  For now he reckons I don’t need to completely (no running) rest it – but “active” rest would be good (less running, easier running).  We’ll see 😉

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Personal Trainer session – hard work this morning, came home too late after a meeting last night, and 7.00am came around to fast to get to the gym at 7.30am for the session.  Once its done I’m loving the new time – it gives me a lot more time to get things done what is always a busy day around here!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

11km – Run: No goals for today, just a run!
1:01:45 (5:42/km)

Friday, 8 July 2011

18km LSD

1:50:28 (6:09/km)

Was a bit nervous about this one – I’m still testing/pushing the body when I put two days in a row together, so a hardish run the day before and then a long one the next day, I’m always a bit nervous about how its going to react.  I took it slow and easy, tried to keep the heartrate to about 150 (went a wee bit higher, but not bad).  All went well!  and best thing – my body seems to have coped really well.

Week 2 – done!

Birth Dates and Numbers

Redhead Running ( made me think of this – and because I couldn’t think of anything else to write, and I’m trying to keep up with my posting – I figured I’d let out some absolutely useless information, and just prove how nutty we really are around here 😉

Soooooo … none of our children were born on the same day, however …

Son No. 1 = 30th
Son No. 2 = 10th
Son No. 3 = 20th
Daughter No. 1 = 11th
Daughter No. 2 = 19th

Get the pattern? Number nerd like me? 30, then 10+20=30, then 11+19=30 🙂

Oh, and, just a wee pattern in their names –

David = 5 letters
Joshua = 6 letters
Cameron = 7 letters
Rhiannon = 8 letters
Charlotte = 9 letters

The first four were pure accident, when I was pregnant with Charlotte we only looked at 9 letter names to keep the trend going.

I’ve always said that if I got pregnant again we’d have twins and give them a five letter name each, David (husband) usually replies, that is fine but he’s not sure where I’ll find a father for them – Ha ha ha!

… and after that useless information, it is time I left for my 18km run!

The Dead Heart – Douglas Kennedy


Douglas Kennedy is one of my favourite authors – he has written some fantastic books! I found this one when I was ordering his latest one (The Moment), an older one that I had some how missed and not read yet.

‘That dumbshit map. I’d been seduced by it. Seduced by its possibilities. That map had brought me here …That map had been a serious mistake’ The map in question is of Australia, stumbled across in a second-hand bookshop by American journalist Nick Hawthorne, en route to another dead-end hack job in Akron, Ohio. Seduced by all that wilderness, all that NOTHING, Nick decides to put his midlife crisis on hold and light out to the ultimate nowheresville – where a chance encounter throws him into a sun-baked orgy of surf, sex and swill, and a nightmare from which there is no escape. ‘Douglas Kennedy might never be allowed into Australia again. This is a crazy, compulsive ultimately serious thriller and a bravura fictional debut from one of our best travel writers’ Philip Kerr

I didn’t realise until I copied the above description that this was his debut novel – interesting!

Definitely worth reading – it was a pretty smallish book, but packed with lots of excitement, one of those books that I come home from work at about 1.00am and realise I’m still reading at 1.30am and really need to get to sleep so that I’m awake and functioning for the next day.  It was a pretty simple story really, and probably made Australians look a bit like country bumpkins, but that’s okay – you’ve got to have a sense of humour, right?



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